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We’re an organization that provides benefits to distributors of liquid fuels and convenience in Nevada and throughout the west.

Who We Are

The Nevada Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association (NPM&CSA) is a statewide trade association that represents an extensive membership of liquid fuel and lubricant distributors, transporters, retailers and convenience store owners.

Our mission is to advance the role of our members as positive contributors to the economic, social and philanthropic infrastructure of their Nevada communities.

The fuel distribution, transportation, retailing and the convenience industry are critical components of Nevada’s economy with stations and stores in every county, Senate and Assembly district. Nevada has more than 1229 C-stores employing more than 18,000 employees. Annual gross sales are more than $4.7 billion with fuel sales accounting for $2.6 billion. Total gallons sold in 2017 was 1.1 billion. Our members travelled more than 46 million miles delivering fuel in Nevada

Our Board of Directors


Craig Allison

Hunt & Sons Reno, Nevada

Christi Carano Case

Immediate Past President
ROC 1954, Last Vegas
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Mackenzie Campbell

Hunt & Sons Inc, Reno

Kyle Call

Vice President
Maverik Inc, Salt Lake City

Peter Krueger

State Executive
NPM & CSA Reno

Chris Kemper

Terrible Herbst Oil Las Vegas

Jason Case

EMA Director
ROC 1954, Las Vegas

David Campbell

Pilot Thomas Logistics, Carlin

Joe McGinley

Associate Director
McGinley & Associates Reno

Join Fueling Nevada

This membership includes gas stations, convenience stores, and emissions testers. 

This membership includes gas stations, convenience stores, and emissions testers.

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