Northern Nevada Fuel Supply Update 11/01/19

Northern Nevada Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association – Nevada Fuel Pipeline Update Issued Friday, November 1, 2019 at 2PM

"We are aware of spot outages at several local service stations in Northern Nevada. Our members are working with Kinder Morgan, the pipeline and fuel storage company that provides gasoline, diesel and jet fuel to our area, to ensure the outages are as short as possible. The outages are mostly confined to smaller retail stations that have limited storage capacity or places that were low on fuel at the beginning of the supply disruption that began last week. Now that power has been restored to the pipeline, the diesel cycle must be completed before gasoline can arrive at the Sparks Terminal which is expected tomorrow (Saturday).

Petroleum jobbers and retailers are working to ensure first responders and other critical services have fuel. We again asks motorist to follow their normal fill-up schedules and DO NOT top off. Topping off or panic buying causes more shortages and longer time for service stations to be resupplied when fuel is available. Thank you for your cooperation."

Nevada Petroleum Marketers & C-Store Association
Peter D. Krueger, Executive Director
Miranda Hoover, Chief Strategy Officer

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