Northern Nevada Fuel Supply Update 10/29/19

Northern Nevada Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association – Nevada Fuel Pipeline Update Issued: Monday, October 29, 2019 at 1:30 pm

"As the Northern California fires worsen, we continue to monitor the status of the Kinder Morgan SFPP East Line from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Sparks Terminal. Currently the line is operating on generator power at two pump stations located near Colfax and Chico Grove east of Sacramento, California along Interstate 80. The pumps are needed to push the fuel over the Sierra to Sparks. The generators only supply enough power to operate the pumps at a very low flow rate. The Sparks Terminal is currently receiving diesel fuel which was in the line when it was shutdown.

Suppliers are trucking fuel from Sacramento to Sparks but the availability of trucks and drivers as well as the fire’s impact on the highways across California is causing loads in those areas to be diverted and are being advised to use alternative (longer) routes.

We urge motorists to continue to follow their normal fill-up intervals so that our current inventories of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel will be adequate during this current supply interruption. PG&E has not advised us of when power will be restored."

Nevada Petroleum Marketers & C-Store Association
Peter Krueger, Executive Director
Miranda Hoover, Chief Strategy Officer

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