80th Legislative Session Committee Chairs and Leadership

Below you will find a list of the leadership of both the Democrats and Republicans in the 80th session of the Nevada State Legislature. This pertains to the Nevada Petroleum Marketers, as it is necessary to know the people that make decisions that affect the industry. While most of the committee chairs and partisan leadership positions are on here, please be advised that not all leadership positions have been publicized, therefore this is not a complete list.

Governor Sisolak’s Transition Team

Executive Director – Michelle White

Deputy Director – Francisco Morales, Christina Amestoy


Democrat Senate Leadership

Majority Leader – Atkinson

Assistant Majority Leader – Cannizzaro

Chief Majority Whip – Woodhouse

Majority Whip – Ratti, Spearman


Republican Senate Leadership

Minority Leader – Settelmeyer

Assistant Minority Leader – Hardy

Minority Whip – Gansert, Hammond


Senate Committees & Chairs

Commerce and Labor – Spearman

Education – Denis

Finance – Woodhouse

Government Affairs – Parks

Health and Human Services – Ratti

Judiciary – Cannizzaro

Legislative Operations and Elections – Ohrenschall

Natural Resources – Scheible

Revenue and Economic Development – Dondero-Loop

Growth and Infrastructure (Transportation) – Cancela


Democrat Assembly Leadership

Speaker – Frierson

Majority Leader – Benitez-Thompson

Assistant Majority Leader – Monroe-Moreno

Speaker Pro Tempore – Yeager

Majority Whip – Sprinkle

Chief Deputy Majority Leader – Thompson

Assistant Majority Whip – Swank, McCurdy II


Republican Assembly Leadership

Minority Leader – Wheeler

Deputy Minority Leader (North) – Ellison

Deputy Minority Leader (South) – Roberts

Minority Whip – Krasner

Deputy Whip (South) – Edwards

Deputy Whip (North) – Titus

Legislative Executive Committee Chair – Tolles


Assembly Committees & Chairs

Ways & Means – Carlton

Judiciary – Yeager

Government Affairs – Flores

Commerce & Labor – Spiegel

Education – Thompson

Health & Human Services – Sprinkle

Natural Resources, Agriculture, & Mining – Swank

Taxation – Neal

Growth and Infrastructure (Transportation) – TBD

Legislative Operations & Elections – TBD

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