The Nevada Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act

The Nevada Equal Rights Commission has published its official notice for the new Nevada Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act.  Nevada employers with at least 15 employees full and or part-time employees including state and local governments MUST immediately post this notice in the workplace in a conspicuous place (e.g., where other legal employee notices are currently posted).

The notice is available at  Bottom of the page “Bulletin Board” First bullet download and print for each location and post immediately.

In addition to having to post the notice in the workplace, the statute also requires employers to provide a copy of the notice to

  1. all new employees at the beginning of their employment (e.g., as part of their new hire packets); and
  2. any current employee, within 10 days after that employee notifies her immediate supervisor that she is pregnant.

Document Everything:  It’s recommended that employers obtain a corresponding acknowledgment of receipt of notice and that employers update their corresponding personnel policies, as well as train their supervisors to ensure full compliance with the Act and its various notice requirements.

While the Act does not become fully effective until October 1, 2017, these notice provisions became effective in June of 2017.

We suggest you contact your attorney to understand how this requirement affects your specific business.

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